28 . 05 . 2015




IMG_9921IMG_9807IMG_9912IMG_9827 IMG_9847Photography by Brandon Osorio

While I was in New York I had the opportunity of shooting with an amazing photographer for Runaway Style. Brandon’s work is absolutely incredible, and being only 20 years old I can only imagine the bright future he gets to look forward to. It was fun to get to spend the afternoon with him and learn about what life is like in NYC. It makes me wonder about all the things I would do if I lived there.

SoHo was definitely my favourite place in NYC. I loved the cobblestone roads, architecture, cleanliness, and the friendly vibe everyone gave off. It almost reminded me of Vancouver in some way. Conveniently our hotel was right in the heart of SoHo, which made it a perfect destination for me to wander off alone. Not to mention randomly running into model Karlie Kloss in the middle of a photo shoot.

Here I am wearing a complete outfit I picked up during the trip, featuring my new Chloe Drew Bag (it’s my baby).

xo Sophie.

Wearing: H&M Blouse | Topshop Skirt | Zara Sandals | Dior Sunglasses | Chloe Bag