09 . 06 . 2015

Tuesday Blooms.


IMG_8063IMG_3427 IMG_7850 IMG_8103 IMG_8064 IMG_8127Photography by Sarah Suchan

For some reason I always dread Tuesdays, it reminds me that I still have days to go before the weekend. This morning I treated myself to a pedicure and some fresh flowers. These past couple of months, I’ve been obsessed with buying pretty flowers and putting them in my room. A lot of people buy flowers to post them on their Instagram but for me I just genuinely love them. I purchased these from Anthology on 20th Street.

As for what I am wearing today, I decided to throw on a girly lace dress and some lace-up gladiators. Lace will always be a favourite of mine. It’s so simple and it looks like you put more effort into your look than you really did.

 Have a great Tuesday guys!

xo Sophie.

Wearing: Zara Lace Dress | Zara Gladiator Sandals (different color) | Dior Sunnies | Stella McCartney Bag

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