26 . 08 . 2015

City Girl.

1IMG_17021IMG_17891IMG_17091IMG_17371IMG_17651IMG_17871IMG_17851IMG_1741Photography By Erin Crooks

I can’t believe how quick the summer has flown by. I remember it being the end of April and thinking to myself, all of the things I wanted to accomplish before the summer ended.  I can firmly say that I have crossed going to New York for the first time in my life and jumping into the lake with all of my clothes on off of the bucket list.

I’m not as excited for the school year to start back up again as I should be, BUT I sure am excited to for fall jackets, booties, and pumpkin spiced lattes. I’m also looking forward to getting back into a routine and having a set schedule.

As it’s still warmer outside I wanted to slightly incorporate some fall trends to this look. Suede anything is such a huge trend for this fall, so be prepared to see me wearing a ton of it. I went for my chocolate brown All Saints Suede Fringe Jacket and some denim Levi’s. I’ve already collected 5 suede jackets for fall and I don’t regret that decision at all (even though my bank account might disagree). For shoes, I am wearing my trusty Isabel Marant Jaeryn heels that I am trying to get every bit of use out of before the weather cools off.

Hope you all liked this post! Happy Hump Day!

Sophie xo.

Wearing: All Saints Jacket | Zara Tank | Vintage Levi’s | Isabel Marant Heels | Lionette NY Earrings | Celine Nano

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19 . 06 . 2015


IMG_8572IMG_8510IMG_8449IMG_8576IMG_8296IMG_8592Photography by Sarah Suchan

For todays look I decided to throw on one of my favourite skirts at the moment. I purchased it back while I was in NYC and I don’t regret it at all except that I wish I had got it in a smaller size. The past few weeks I have been detoxifying my body to get ready for summer and now my clothes are feeling a bit loose on me. I will be sharing on a blog post soon on some of my favourite recipes and ways to get in shape for summer.

The suede skirt and the striped t-shirt make for a great summer look. Super easy and well put together. I will never get sick of these Chloe boots, because they were my very first pair of designer shoes. Not to mention that they are unbelievably comfortable. It took me awhile to break them in but now they are perfect. On to my bag… I became obsessed with the Celine Nano ever since I saw Kendall Jenner with it a few years ago. I loved Celine’s classic design to begin with, but I just am not the type of girl who likes to carry around a massive bag with me. 1) I don’t have a lot to put in it and 2) I don’t need to bring every thing I own and my dog in my bag either haha. Hope you all have an amazing weekend!

xo Sophie.

Wearing: Topshop Suede Skirt | Zara T-Shirt | Chloe Boots | Celine Bag

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09 . 06 . 2015

Tuesday Blooms.


IMG_8063IMG_3427 IMG_7850 IMG_8103 IMG_8064 IMG_8127Photography by Sarah Suchan

For some reason I always dread Tuesdays, it reminds me that I still have days to go before the weekend. This morning I treated myself to a pedicure and some fresh flowers. These past couple of months, I’ve been obsessed with buying pretty flowers and putting them in my room. A lot of people buy flowers to post them on their Instagram but for me I just genuinely love them. I purchased these from Anthology on 20th Street.

As for what I am wearing today, I decided to throw on a girly lace dress and some lace-up gladiators. Lace will always be a favourite of mine. It’s so simple and it looks like you put more effort into your look than you really did.

 Have a great Tuesday guys!

xo Sophie.

Wearing: Zara Lace Dress | Zara Gladiator Sandals (different color) | Dior Sunnies | Stella McCartney Bag

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